The Initiative


Changing SA was born out of frustration due to the lack of appropriate changing tables for anyone over the age of two years.  An infant changing table has an average max weight limit of 50 lbs. and/or 3.5 years. The length of an an infant changing table is 35 inches which is the average height of a two year old. You can change an infant on an adult sized changing table, you cannot change anyone over the age of two on an infant changing table.  


The initiative aims to raise awareness to the lack of and need for appropriate changing tables in our community such as: clinics, hospitals, museums, restaurants, parks, libraries and places of amusement. 


Changing SA will work with community. Changing SA will also work with our local and state leaders to implement change for any new construction to include an adult sized changing station. 


Changing SA wants individuals and families to thrive and enjoy their beautiful city and to that end we will work with existing community businesses to implement 10  adult sized changing tables by end of year 2022.