my story

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Hey ya'll!  


I'm a wife, events director by day and a momma to three children and 2 angel babies. When I was pregnant with our youngest I surprisingly found out I was pregnant with twins! I lost one of our twins at almost 20 weeks and our surviving son (Mason) suffered a stroke in utero when the loss of his brother (Miles) occurred. Mason was born in April of 2012 and our lives have never been the same, in the best way possible.  He has taught us the definition of unconditional love, patience, strength, and the will to keep going. Mason's diagnosis' are many, I like to call them sprinkles on a cupcake. He has schizencephaly, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, vocal cord dysfunction, hip dysplasia and cerebal palsy. He is also non-verbal, non-ambulatory and blind. Despite all of the challenges, he is the most smiley kiddo you'll ever meet and his smile lights up a room and our hearts.  


As Mason has grown so has the challenge to change his diaper when out in our community. He is over the weight limit for any changing tables we can find at clinics, hospitals, restaurants and most amusement locations.  The lack of appropriate changing tables forces us to stay home a large majority of the time and when we absolutely have to go out we either use the back of our car to change his diaper (which is brutal when the South Texas heat is in the triple digits) or find a bench long enough to fit him, both options forego any privacy to passing pedestrians. 


As my frustration has mounted so has the will to bring change to our community. Accessibility does not equal accommodation. An adult sized changing table is for anyone over 50 lbs. and/or 3.5 years old however the average changing table is 35 inches in length which is the average height of a 2 year old. You can change an infant on an adult sized changing table, you cannot change anyone over the age of two on an infant changing table. 


I realized all of my griping and venting wasn't creating any good or equaling change. I needed to put that energy to good use and make a difference for my son and others, hence was born the idea of "Changing SA". 


A mother's love is a powerful thing and I hope to make my son proud by being a voice and advocate on his behalf for the basic human right of having somewhere to change in privacy. In the same way our city of San Antonio is known as "Military City", USA  I hope it grows to be known as "Inclusive City", USA .